Game Town Last Full Update
Solhaven 4 minutes ago
River's Rest 14 minutes ago
Teras Isle 32 minutes ago
Ta'Illistim 42 minutes ago
Ta'Vaalor 52 minutes ago
Icemule Trace 52 minutes ago
Zul Logoth 56 minutes ago
Wehnimer's Landing 64 minutes ago
Four Winds Isle 16 hours ago
River's Rest 12 days ago
Teras Isle 12 days ago
Zul Logoth 12 days ago
Ta'Illistim 12 days ago
Icemule Trace 12 days ago
Ta'Vaalor 12 days ago
Solhaven 12 days ago
Four Winds Isle 12 days ago
Wehnimer's Landing 12 days ago
Wehnimer's Landing 19 months ago
Icemule Trace 19 months ago
Solhaven never
Zul Logoth never
Ta'Illistim never
Ta'Vaalor never
River's Rest never
Teras Isle never
Four Winds Isle never


This website catalogs items that are up for sale in the game Gemstone IV.


The game doesn't provide any way to search through the items for sale other than to manually go to each town and each shop and look at every item. With nearly 20,000 items for sale, it would take all day. Even then, comparison shopping would be a nightmare. This problem was orignally solved by Xygon with his playershops site. Xygon has since quit the game and closed his site, resulting in the need for this site.


This website is kept up to date by volunteers who run the Lich script named update-playershops. If you notice your favorite town isn't being updated often enough, all you have to do to help out is download the script from the repository, stand near the town, and run the script.

If you're a shop owner and you would like to update your own shop after changing the inventory, but you don't want to spend the time to update the entire town, you can do a partial update. Just stand outside your shop and run ";update-playershops here".


This site was originally designed by Azanoth with the help of Tillmen. It was eventually completely rewritten by Tillmen with a more sane web framework.


Since 2010.


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